Supplier Code Of Conduct

The word “supplier” is intended broadly to include anyone having a contract, purchase order, service contract, or other agreement or arrangement for purchase by PT. Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills.  A “prospective supplier” is anyone seeking business from PT. Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills.

We purchase supplies and services on the basis of merit, seeking both the best value and stable business relationships with suppliers. Purchasing decisions must not be influenced by a conflict of interest and must not be tainted even by the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Therefore we have restrictive policies governing receipt of business gifts, payments, or other things of value by its employees, including the board of directors. We prohibit our employees from soliciting gifts or money from any supplier or prospective supplier. Such gifts, when given for the purpose of improperly obtaining or rewarding favorable treatment (a “kickback”), is a violation of our business policy and will be taken seriously.

Kickbacks will not be tolerated and you are encouraged to notify us immediately if an employee is seeking a kickback. If an ongoing kickback scheme is discovered, it can result in the firing of the employee and the removal of the supplier from our list of approved vendors. In addition, we also reserve the right to refuse to settle outstanding payables to the supplier.


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