Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills Installs New Air Jet Looms

As a leading producer of high quality uniform fabrics, PT Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills took its latest step towards modern textile manufacturing with the installation of new machinery to be used in its production line. The company in mid-April 2015 set up 24 ZAX9200 Master Air Jet Loom machines from Japanese company Tsudakoma Corporation following on from this model’s debut during one of the most prominent exhibitions of textile technology, ITMA ASIA + CITME, which took place in Shanghai, China last year. The use of this machinery within manufacturing operations will reduce electrical consumption by at least 5% and substantially lower air consumption thereby serving as the ideal energy-efficient solution for companies such as Nagatex seeking to implement sustainable business practices at every level of the company.

Nagasakti Kurnia Textile Mills actively surveys cutting edge innovations in fabric manufacturing and forges international partnerships as a means of sourcing the latest technology. Well known for its superior textile fabrics, Nagatex uses state-of-the-art technology such as the recently installed air jet looms, which perform at ultra-high speeds, to produce its superior portfolio of products in accordance with strict client requirements. The company intends to continue leading the push towards modernisation in Indonesia’s textile industry and will carry on exploring new avenues to enhance efficiency and eco-friendly manufacturing.

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